These bracelets are excellent for augmenting with your Stay Alive kit or simply used by themselves
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Braded with two layers of 550 paracord over a double stranded core

Fits wrist size of 8.5" and under

Large size: 16-18 feet total length

Small size: 7 - 9 feet total length

20 feet of 20 lb professional fishing line

2 size 12 fishing hooks from Eagle Claw

Fire Rope for fire starting fuel

Large size: 2,  8" x 1.5" tin foil strips

Small size: No tin foil strips

P-38 Can Opener

Type III Compass

Firesteel for fire starting

Emergency Whistle Buckle

  • Convenient:
  • Lightweight:
  • Multiple use:
  • Item #: SB 1072

Stay Alive Bracelet

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